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30 Day Glow Up Challenge: Get your GLOW back

Completely transform your relationship with your acne in 30 days through food & empowerment tools

This 30 Day Glow Up Is For You If You:

  • Feel suffocated by or like your acne dictates your entire life

  • Spend way too much time thinking about or obsessing over your skin

  • Feel like your self confidence has really plummeted because of your skin

  • Feel stuck in your healing process

  • Are just DYING to break free of the mental hold acne has over you

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This was me.

There was a time where I would look in the mirror and be ashamed of what I saw: huge, swollen red bumps all over that made me cry instantly at the sight of them.

No matter what I did, how many products or medications I tried, nothing seemed to help. I was on and off antibiotics, birth control and topical medications prescribed by my doctor. 


I even did a round of "the miracle drug" mainstream oral acne treatment, which did help for about a year until my acne came back with a vengeance. I felt like I had ZERO control over my skin despite doing EVERYTHING "right".

Despite switching directions in my work quite a few times throughout my life (dancer to esthetician to dietitian to acne nutritionist, etc), my M.O. has always been the same: to empower women to be their biggest, baddest selves.

My own journey has been a reflection of this type of work, because it was extremely difficult for me to find my way when I was so ashamed of my severe and persistent adult acne

About 9 months after I stopped Accutane and my acne came back once again, I realized the conventional approach to acne had failed me entirely.

Hi, I'm Meg! I'm a Functional Registered Dietitian & Acne Nutritionist and I help women heal their adult acne naturally through food, correcting root causes & empowerment. 

I used my knowledge in nutrition and my experience as a licensed esthetician to dig deeper. I found I had massive gut issues and needed a total adrenal overhaul. It wasn't until I started working from the inside that I finally saw long lasting changes in my skin!

Now I'm bringing you this 30 Day Glow Up so you can create a daily routine that makes acne healing feel easy and accessible while boosting your confidence in the process!


Me now

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Ultimately, we don't just wanna heal acne to have clear skin but to feel confident and SEEN by others just as we are

This 30 day flow will help allow you to FEEL more comfortable in your skin not only in a physical way but in an emotional way too.

How does it work?

Every day for the next 30 days, you’ll be given one task to focus on. Some of them are related to building confidence, some are diet/nutrition related and others are challenges to help you connect with your body. As you go through every day just know that every single task in this flow is for a purpose. So if it feels silly to you- that’s OK, but DO IT. Don’t do yourself the disservice of skipping days! COMMIT to this, for yourself and to take back control of your confidence.

By the end of this 30 days, you will have: 

  • Started your own personal glow up

  • Opened yourself up to receive nuggets of wisdom from your body

  • Gotten a MAJOR self confidence boost

  • Experienced LIBERATION from the hold acne has over your life & emotional space

  • Leveled up your diet to the bountiful, nutrient-dense & supportive diet a goddess like you deserves

  • Built your own list of tools you can continue to use every single day to continue experiencing even more liberation & glowing up

This Glow Up is NOT:

  • A quick fix to heal your acne

  • A "one and done" approach that magically heals your skin in 30 days

  • Practitioner-guided (instead, you are given ALL the tools you need- only YOU can decide waht empowerment & confidence looks like for you!)

  • A full spectrum healing program (think of this program as a preclude or intro to my more robust healing program)

Here's what it looks like:

What's included?

  • 3 deep healing journal prompts

  • 3 acne healing affirmations

  • High fiber foods list to help you increase detox capability

  • 5 example topical acne regimens by a licensed aesthetician 

  • 14+ empowerment practices & instructions

  • Foods color chart to help you get the nutrients your skin needs to heal

  • 17+ embodiment techniques & practices 

  • 30 daily prompts to help you stay focus & committed

  • 27 page workbook to walk you through each day step by step

  • Calendar of each daily task so you can plan ahead and set yourself up for success

What's the flow?

Week 1:

  • This week we’ll be doing some powerful journaling prompts, setting up some diet foundations to provide optimal nutrition for your body and skin (focusing on fiber & hydration this week), making a list of empowering activities you’ll be using later in the challenge and cleaning out your skincare regimen!

  • You’ll get daily reminders via email about the tasks you have on deck and tools to help you complete the challenges this week such as a list of example skincare regimens for different skin types, a high fiber foods list and step by step instructions that walk you through the journaling prompts.


Week 2:

  • Building on what we worked on in Week 1, there will be more journaling, making lists of practices that are meaningful and powerful (this week we look at embodiment practices), nourishing the body (through fiber and colorful foods this time) and continuing to weed out unnecessary products in your skincare routine!

  • Along with daily reminders to complete tasks, you’ll have access to brand new tools this week like examples of embodiment practices that can be found in your workbook and a chart of colorful foods to show you how to add more color to your meals.


Week 3:

  • We start off the second half of this challenge with a bang by learning how to tell that inner critic to go fuck itself! We’ll also be pulling in the use of healing affirmations, new journal prompts, actually DOING some of the activities we created lists for earlier (specifically focusing on empowerment and embodiment this week) along with a new way to think about adding color to your diet. 

  • Brand new tools this week include the tools YOU made (i.e. your lists!), new affirmations and journaling prompts.


Week 4:

  • This week, you’ll be in the home stretch of the challenge and THIS is where I want you to really let loose in this challenge and have FUN. This part of the challenge is technically 7 days plus 2 additional days (since it’s a 30 day challenge), so it’s a bit longer than the previous weeks! During this time, we’ll be focusing heavily on supporting your body through nutrition by implementing good eating patterns, hydration, fiber and colorful foods. We’ll also be revisiting those embodiment practices and telling that inner critic to go fuck itself. Brand new tasks to end this challenge with a bang include introducing mirror work and writing a self love letter.

  • For your final toolset, you can lean on all the tools previously provided along with step by step guidance on mirror work and writing a love letter to yourself.

Love From Clients*

*Reviews are from results in my 1:1 Clear Skin Program, the program from which much of the foundations of the 30 Day Glow Up are pulled from

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Get your GLOW back in 30 days

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