30 Day Vibrance Challenge

Join the 30 day challenge if you'd like to increase energy, get clearer skin, make your tummy happy and maybe even lose a few pounds! This challenge is a great way to jump start your journey to a healthier, more confident you! 

The Challenge:

  • No added sugars, dairy, processed foods, grains, alcohol for 30 days

  • You'll be eating fresh fruits and veggies, nourishing lean proteins, nuts/seeds and healthy/complex carbohydrates to help support energy & metabolism.

  • Full example weekly meal plans will be provided that include shopping list and recipes so you won't have to wonder what to eat!

  • Each day you'll get an inspirational motivating message right to your device to help keep you on track

By the end of these 30 days together, my goal for you is to feel lighter, have more energy, be proud of your (now clearer!) skin and find harmony with your tummy. Keep in mind, it's impossible to generate a meal plan that is appropriate for EVERYONE, so the meal plans provided are examples and can be followed for most people. If you have a specific medical condition or have tried whole-foods based diets in the past with little improvement, you may need individualized help

Challenge started Wednesday, September 5th! You can join anytime by entering your information below!

Tel: 347-395-2815

Main office location: 245 5th Ave, 3rd Floor, NY NY 10016

**Virtual appointments available**

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