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You've Tried...

Prescription creams and washes

Tons of over the counter and expensive products sworn to work 



Birth control

And maybe even Accutane…twice…or three times

And you still have adult acne.

The frustration is indescribable-nobody gets it. How is it that you do everything right for your skin and you have tried everything under the sun but it feels like your skin just won’t cooperate?!

Or it’s possible you haven’t tried all the medications listed above, but you’ve still spent tons of money on products and treatments that just don’t seem to help your acne.

All your friends have good skin, why can’t you?

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I felt the same way.

Each time I tried something new I hoped it would finally be the thing that worked for me to clear my acne. Sometimes it would work for a little while and sometimes it didn’t do anything at all-but, in the end, it was always the same. When my acne came back I was disappointed and defeated all over again.

I’m Meg. I help put women with adult acne back in the “driver’s seat” so they can thrive in their own life and feel like they have a little more control over their acne.


I had acne so horrible that there were several times where random people would stop me on the street to offer their “miracle cures”…totally unsolicited of course.

I once slapped a man I didn’t know, out of sheer rage, because he had interrupted my date to tell me, “you know, doctors can give you medicine for your face."

An HR director once told me, “you know, you’re such a pretty girl, it’s a real shame you have acne."


The inner turmoil I felt on a daily basis was excruciating.

Normal things, like going to work, were difficult because I’d notice a person’s eyes scanning my face instead of looking into my eyes while we’re talking, I’d accidentally touch my face and panic thinking I’d cause another breakout or I’d pass by a mirror and be able to see my bumpy face from several feet away (and under tons of makeup). 


Just getting through the day without obsessing about my acne was exhausting, and at times, nearly impossible.

My self-confidence was basically non-existent, After trying everything under the sun and a round of Accutane, I found myself in graduate school (studying nutrition) with a face full of huge, painful, inflamed bumps all over again. Back to square one.


It was at this time that I just got totally fed up. I asked myself, “what in the world do I need to do to get rid of this acne?” “what could I have possibly missed?” and the answer finally came to me:


I had been missing the root cause.

None of the things I’d tried in the past actually worked to correct the causes of acne. 

Antibiotics work to kill acne-causing bacteria on the skin.(But they mess up your gut if you use them like I was told to use them.)

Drying products keep your skin from being too oily. (But actually they can also make your skin produce MORE oil and break down the protective barrier.)

Birth control “balances” your hormones. (But does it really? How could it possibly if you don’t know what hormones are imbalanced in the first place?)

Accutane stops your skin from producing oil. (Just like those drying products.)

But not ONE of these things corrects the potential root causes of acne: gut issues, inflammation, trouble detoxing, underlying conditions, hormonal imbalance… they just slap a bandaid on it.


I decided I didn’t want to put a bandaid on my body anymore. I wanted to get to the root cause of my acne and really heal. I knew intuitively this time was going to be different. This was unlike any approach I’d ever tried and I knew it was going to work.

And that was the last time I ever had a cystic pimple.

Now, through my knowledge of nutritional healing, skincare, and my own skin healing journey I’ve been able to develop a science-based protocol to help other women heal their acne as well.

I spent over 10 years helping women from all over the world finally get their self-confidence back and take back some control over their acne through this protocol. Now, I've created course, programs and tools based on this science-based protocol to help bring the power of acne healing straight into your hands.


Ready to finally get clear skin?

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