Genetic Testing for Weight Loss


Difficulty losing weight?

You've tried EVERY diet on the planet...

You've been to doctors and dietitians and no one seems to have a plan that will WORK...

Or maybe, you can lose weight, but you can't keep it off- ugh!...

You eat well and exercise and you are STILL not losing weight- or maybe you even gain!...

You are BEYOND frustrated and don't know what to do...

Well, there might be one thing you haven't tried yet....


Genetic testing for weight loss.

Why Genetic Testing for weight loss?

Our genes orchestrate everything- they instruct all of our metabolic processes in the body. That means, they decide how well our body uses the nutrients we feed it AND how well our body responds to things like diet and exercise for weight loss.

The truth is...most people are genetically predisposed to have difficulty losing weight through traditional diet and exercise alone...

So how will this test help me?

Just because most people aren't very efficient at losing weight through traditional diet and exercise doesn't mean you can't lose weight when the diet and exercise plan is customized to suit your unique genetic makeup!

With this report you'll receive:

Summary report of your genetic tendency to be high or low in vitamins that are VITAL for successful weight loss

A detailed breakdown of what genes were detected in your sample and what each of them mean for your success with diet and weight loss.

A step by step, customized exercise plan with 7 different options (so you can change it up!)

A detailed meal plan customized to your genetic needs including recipes!


How does it work?

In 3 simple steps you'll have access to the game changer in your weight loss journey!



Ready to get started?

Receive your sample kit. When you receive it, read the instructions carefully. Take your cheek swab according to the directions.

Send your sample to the lab according to the instructions

Receive your personalized report!

Ready for something even more in-depth?

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help you heal.