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Nutritional Yeast and Skin Benefits

Nutritional yeast is the new buzzworthy ingredient you may want to try in your kitchen. Let’s explore nutritional yeast, and how it could benefit the skin.

Nutritional yeast is a nutty, savory food that packs a lot of protein and nutrients, either by flake or powder form. This ingredient is commonly used in vegan or vegetarian recipes as it is dairy free, and it contains thiamin, riboflavin, vitamin b6, and vitamin b 12.

Health Benefits from Nutritional Yeast

Research suggests that due to yeast’s probiotic effect and its nutrients listed above, it can help strengthen the immune system, increase energy, decrease inflammation, and help strengthen nails and hair, therefore providing numerous health benefits. Additionally, nutritional yeast has a high antioxidant content.

Nutritional Yeast and Acne

There’s a link between gut health and acne. Nutritional yeast may help support the gut due to its probiotic functions. Furthermore, Vitamin b 6, in nutritional yeast, is an acne fighter.

Meg Hagar from The Acne Nutritionist says, “I love recommending nutritional yeast because it's a great way to get a little extra protein and B vitamins through food. Many acne prone people are nutrient-depleted, but certain B vitamin supplements can actually make acne worse. So using nutritional yeast instead is a much tastier (and safer) alternative!”

Curious how to use nutritional yeast, or nutrition to cure acne? Meg has a “Clear Skin Library” to purchase here. Get access to acne friendly recipes like the one listed below, vegan alfredo.


  • 1 pound of zuccini noodles or lentil noodles

  • 1 small head of cauliflower

  • 4 tbsp olive oil

  • 1 cup raw unsalted cashews

  • 4 cloves of garlic

  • 2 cups vegetable broth

  • Dash of onion powder

  • Dash of nutmeg

  • Dash of salt and pepper

  • Fresh basil, to serve

  • Optional 1/4 cup nutritional yeast


1. Cook noodles as directed.

2. Add olive oil to pan, along with cashews, garlic and cauliflower and sautee for 10 minutes on medium high heat.

3. Add broth and spices, cover and cook for 7 minutes. Cauliflower should be tender when pierced with a fork.

4.Let contents sit for about 5 minutes, CAREFULLY transfer to a blender to puree into a sauce.

5. If you have dairy in your diet, 2 tbsp of parm cheese, or ricotta cheese, can be used to thicken sauce. You can also use 1/4 cup nutritional yeast OR Kite Hill Ricotta Cheese (dairy free) if you are avoiding dairy.

6. Serve over zucchini noodles, or lentil noodles, topped with basil.

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