"I was so worried at the beginning of my journey with Meg because I have a hard time sticking to major food/life changes. However, Meg was always reassuring and helped me take everything one step at a time so that I didn't get overwhelmed by all the changes. She was encouraging, and reminded me that the journey won't be perfect but each small win can push you forward to continue improving. Meg has been so wonderful to work with, and I'm very thankful for her.​"

- Rachel

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Leaky gut cystic acne, bloating, constipation, diarrhea- they all really suck....

...Get to the root cause and heal fully.

What if I asked you to forget everything you've ever heard about treatments for acne and digestive problems?

It's no wonder you've tried so many diets, pills/medications, lotions & potions and all the things just to end up more disappointed and devastated than before. Desperately seeking a solution that will ACTUALLY WORK. After all, you just want to feel "normal" again...

In today's environment of chronic stress-a-holics, a less-than-ideal food supply, pollution, disconnection with nature and "over-sanitizing", it's not surprising that things like adult acne, IBS, SIBO, LEAKY GUT and CANDIDA are plaguing more and more of us...

Maybe you've been suffering for YEARS from symptoms like:

+ diarrhea

+ constipation

+ constant bloating

+ stomach pain

+ low energy/fatigue

You've just about given up because your stomach seems to have a mind of it's own...

You've tried everything and yet there seems to be no rhyme or reason for your continued pain...

Maybe one day you eat something and you're fine but the next time you eat it you have a flare up...

The fear of an unexpected flare up is crippling and dictates your life...

In the morning you fit into your normal clothes but by the evening you look 6 months pregnant...

Doctors and friends tell you "it's all in your head"...

You just want to know WHAT and HOW to eat for YOUR body so you can have your life back...

That's not so much to ask, right?


The answer to these issues isn't a permanent super restrictive diet, a pill a medication or even a surgery. It's not anti-depressants, avoiding going out and socializing or wearing only clothing that can accommodate/hide your increase in bloating over the course of a day.


Perhaps one of the most frustrating parts about healing digestive issues is that doctors may tell you "you have IBS" and then just leave you there in the dark, with no strategy, no plan and no information. 


Even though you may have tried the typical diet eliminations for IBS before and didn't see results, there's much more to it than that. Perhaps you're not seeking solutions that  address the root cause of your issues.

Did you know that the following are some common root causes of chronic digestive symptoms?

+ Low stomach acid

+ Small Intestinal Bacterial Overgrowth

+ Small Intestinal Fungal Overgrowth

+ Unknown food sensitivities/intolerances

+ Chronic stress

+ Dysbiosis

Digestive issues are totally individualized and require a special set of personalized tests as well as an individualized approach. It's not enough to give you a "blanket" diet to follow and "see if it helps". Although there's always some trial and error involved with digestive problems, wouldn't it be nice to get to the bottom of the mystery a whole lot faster? Without all the trial and error?

The Digestive Healing Program is a 4-6 month personalized program that includes:

+ The cost of specialized testing including: food sensitivity test to identify inflammation-causing foods in YOUR body, testing to identify any potential pathogens, bacterial overgrowth, candida or dysbiosis. (These tests are not covered by insurance and can be VERY expensive!)

+ Meal plans so you'll know EXACTLY what to eat

Unlimited follow ups and between-session support to increase your success in the program

+ Customized food/shopping lists and specific brands of foods deemed "safe" for you to eat (in the beginning anyway- remember, the goal isn't a long term restrictive diet)

+ A customized healing protocol based on test results and symptoms to help your body rebalance, heal and restore health- and get you on the path to feeling GREAT!

After completing the digestive healing program, my goals for you are:

- A tummy that won't "fight" you- the goal is for your body to work WITH you -

- A tummy that is calm and happy. It may tell you what it doesn't like sometimes but NOT in a way that will disrupt your life -

- Freedom to live your life without concern to how how bloated you are that day or fear of flare ups -

- The self confidence and self love you had been living without for so long -

- All that freed up mental space to think about things besides digestive problems -

- Finally, feeling "normal" -

"I had such a great experience working with you. You were extremely informative, and gave me easy and attainable goals to work towards. The knowledge helped me realize what the affects of the goals were and my relationship with food would react to my body and well being."

- Mike

I'm here to tell you that you have suffered enough. You DON'T have to live with skin and digestive problems. Are you ready to find out how you can get these same results?

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