Programs & services to help you heal your gut, clear skin, lower inflammation, lose weight, alleviate leaky gut syndrome, thrush symptoms, candida treatment, SIBO, IBS treatment

Accelerated Healing Programs

4-6 month intensive programs for those who have been struggling long enough and you want ANSWERS! These programs are designed to combine personalized diet, supplement and lifestyle recommendations to truly correct the root cause of your issues and help you heal faster! These programs include the cost of thorough testing (which can add up quickly!) AND unlimited access/support to me throughout the duration of the program. Healing programs available for adult acne and digestive problems.


*Insurances accepted are Aetna, Cigna and Blue Cross Blue Shield. However, please note, some aspects of the customized healing programs are not covered by insurance. 

Gut Test

Test your digestive balance with this one-time report to reveal your gut's bacteria AND fungal strains (this is important for overall balance). This is the most comprehensive gut microbiome analysis available on the market. Purchasing this test includes the results and personalized written recommendations. 


Maintenance Program

This monthly program is for monitoring and coaching inbetween sessions. 

- Stay on track with guidance, tips and suggestions in (almost) real time! 
- Make reaching your health goals easier by having a dietitian at your fingertips to ask questions, send photos of questionable foods/snacks and more!
- Includes 1 follow up session per month (can be virtual or in person)

Weight Loss Program

Based on genetic testing that reveals the proper nutrients and exercise plan for YOUR body, this 12 week program will help you achieve confidence and love for your own body by reaching your weight loss goals. 

Meal Plans

Registered Dietitian designed and approved, balanced meal plans to support and nourish your body.

*Free trial available! 

Tel: 347-395-2815

Main office location: 245 5th Ave, 3rd Floor, NY NY 10016

**Virtual appointments available**

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