Testimonials & Past Results

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"I had such a great experience working with you. You were extremely informative, and gave me easy and attainable goals to work towards. The knowledge helped me realize what the affects of the goals were and my relationship with food would react to my body and well being."

- Mike

"I was so worried at the beginning of my journey with Meg because I have a hard time sticking to major food/life changes. However, Meg was always reassuring and helped me take everything one step at a time so that I didn't get overwhelmed by all the changes. She was encouraging, and reminded me that the journey won't be perfect but each small win can push you forward to continue improving. Meg has been so wonderful to work with, and I'm very thankful for her."

- Rachel

"Megan listens to my concerns and helps me find realistic diet changes that are manageable and make me feel better."

- Mary* (name changed as per request of client)

"Not to entertain. A great insight on how to live a truly healthy lifestyle. Eating meant to support your body's need vs your emotional weakness. Find strength, fitness and freedom though metabolic diet and exercise. Listen to Meg."

- Chet T.

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